And now for something Clever

This was passed on to me by one of the moderators at She’s a regular reader here, and happens to live car-free in Oregon.

A new shop with the catchy name of Clever Cycles opened in Portland recently. Get this, they actually sell bikes you can hop on and ride, even in a skirt (if that’s your thing). No carbon fiber, no titanium, just some really cool utilitarian bikes for people that prefer not use their car. You can haul your groceries, your kids, fertilizer for that garden in your closet…

The owners have summed up their shop thusly:

Clever Cycles serves families and businesses seeking to avoid dependence on cars with stylish, practical bicycles and accessories for everyday use. Dutch Bakfietsen and city bikes, folding bikes, and our Stokemonkey electric assist for Xtracycles feature passenger and cargo capacity, plain-clothes comfort, all-weather readiness, and low maintenance.

Without any advertising, they even sold 25 Bakfiets (at $2,800 a pop!) from their warehouse before they officially opened. When moms choose a bike over an SUV to take their kids to the park, the world becomes a little bit better place.

Not only do I wish them much success, but I hope the idea catches on.

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Bakfiets seem to be limited to Portland in the U.S., but practical bikes (stuff like Xtras and step-throughs and the like) are catching on just about everywhere. Except, apparently, Utah?

Mark Stosberg


A few other cities are starting to carry the same model bakfiets in stores. If you are not in one of those places, you can order one from They are based out of Florida. I had one shipped to Richmond, Indiana and have been very happy with it so far.

Mark Stosberg

Update: the source to buy these has changed, I now recommend

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