Teton Brothers: A New Era of Outerwear

For all of you who are gear techs and apparel junkies, Teton Brothers is a new name to the United States outdoor apparel market that will be launching in retailers winter 2016. The brand started in Japan in 2006 by avid mountaineer Nori Suzuki. His aim was to develop outdoor and backcountry skiwear that was better than anything offered in Japan.

Now, almost 10 years after Teton Brothers inception, they have partnered with key performance textiles we all know, love, and trust: Polartec, Pertex and Primaloft. The line for both men and women runs the full gamut from ski pants, jackets, to base layers, to classy daywear. Each genre of garment has its own unique features setting it apart from the rest of the industry.

For example, the men‘s TB Jacket, which is a ski jacket with a unique cutting pattern that allows greater range of movement, has wider cuffs on the sleeves to make it easier to get gloves on and snug after the jacket is already on.

Teton Brothers TB Jacket

Also, the women‘s Powerwool Hoody is a blend of Polartec‘s Powerwool merino and polyester to help with body temperature regulation as well as antimicrobial properties. But, the really unique features of this piece are the off-center zipper and high neckline. These features together allow for optimal coverage in cool temperatures without having the zipper be in your mount or up your nose.

Teton Brothers Women’s Powerwoool Hoody

The Teton Brothers designers, Nori and Junko Suzuki, have chosen a more conservative and classic look using solid colors and color pop zippers. Unlike the current domestic ski industry trend of bright colors and bold patterns, the color palate is derived from traditional Japanese kimono colors in mellow earthy greens, blues, and greys.

Teton Brothers‘ full 2015 50+ garment line is currently available in the USA via their website. Prices range from low $100’s for baselayers, up to mid $400’s for the high quality ski jackets. Keep an eye out in your local outdoor stores for this up and coming brand. It‘s definitely worth checking out!

– Carley

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