WileyX Legend Sunglasses

When it comes to eyewear, the WileyX Legend sunglasses offer everything I could want in my non-prescription glasses. These glossy Hickory Brown frames with polarized Venice Gold mirrored lenses protect my eyes in more ways than one.

In addition to blocking 100% of the harmful UV rays we face, the sexy gold lenses are also shatterproof. Yes, real protection from real hazards. I ride bicycles and motorcycles. I fish. I camp. I use power tools and sharp objects. And I can be a bit clumsy. So when I see that they are rated as OSHA grade occupational protective eyewear, and certified to ANSI Z87.1 high impact and optical performance standards, that means something to me. They are more than a fashion statement. But it’s not all about the lenses. WileyX made the Legend frames with Triloid nylon, which makes them nearly unbreakable. Usually, I would accept that as a challenge, but I really like these glasses, so there’s no need to test their limits. That will happen on its own one day.

WileyX Legend Sunglasses

Of course, they can look good, and be durable, but they have to fit right too. And the Legend sunglasses wrap around my head and face just perfect. They don’t fit tight, but there is no gap on the sides. I had a pair a while ago that had a gap big enough for an empty (but still hot) .22 shell to fit into. It wedged in and burned. So I prefer a close fit now. The tall temples offer good side coverage too. There is no rubber grippy material anywhere, but the fit is so good that they stay in place on their own. I don’t have a machine to test the optical quality, but everything in my field of view is sharp, with no distortion at the edges. And even though I understand how polarized lenses work, it’s still magic to watch the fish swim in our local rivers. They do a great job of cutting glare.

I’m happy to say that the WileyX Legend sunglasses look sexy (maybe that’s just me), fit great, and work very well. If you spend time outdoors in bright areas like snow and sand, or with a lot of glare off water, I think you’ll like them too. Their MSRP is $130, which is very reasonable, given the fit and optical quality. www.wileyx.com

– Brian

Thanks to WileyX for sending their new Legend sunglasses for review. Like most people, we have limited budgets for gear and it is nice to be able to pay it forward by reviewing great products such as this, and passing along information that benefits everyone.

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How are they for wear and tear, lets say for scratch resistance? I love the Oakleys I bought a few years ago but after 2 years they are showing their age. Rubber rotting, lenses getting scratched up, ect. I too ride bikes, camp, hike\walk, and use tools. I won’t even begin to mention the MSRP…$$$ And of course i’m very clumsy.

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