This would be funny, if it wasn’t scary

Not too long ago, I decided to take weekends off. But then I realized that I can just use the weekend for all the little posts that I really only write about for my own amusement. This is one of them.

I’m sure there are plenty of cyclists out there who feel they aren’t taken seriously because they ride a bicycle. Some people are just ignorant like that. But how about this guy, who tried to rob the beer delivery guys? He rolled up, and asked for money. The delivery guys said they didn’t have any. The would-be thief flashed his revolver, and asked again. Same response. So he rode away. Why do I get the feeling that if he was leaning out a car window, they would have handed over their wallets.

It’s true. Sometimes, if you’re on a bike, you get no respect.

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I dunno. The delivery guys may not have had any money or very little. When I drove and delivered in the hard parts of town in Baltimore back in the day, the company policy was we carry no money or wear anything that might make us a target. Shreveport definitely has some hard parts. And a beer truck would definitely be a potential target.

But you are right cyclists get no respect in a nation that seems fixated on the idea that size matters. “I am in my car. And though I am only 4′ tall, this 2 ton machine makes me strong like Arnold. Out of my way you puny human.”

I am puzzled why the perception of someone else’s vulnerbilty causes many to feel they have a right to take advantage of it.

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