Timbuk2 Bad Ass Messenger bag

With a name like the Bad Ass Messenger, I had high expectations for this bag from Timbuk2. And for the most part, it did not disappoint. As part of their Heist Collection, a little extra attention was paid to how it looks. But they didn’t skimp of features or function.

Bad Ass Messenger from Timbuk2
Bad Ass Messenger from Timbuk2

Probably the first thing you notice, other than the blacked out color scheme, is the hardware. Genuine COBRA™quick release buckles give this bag some attitude. Machined from the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy, they feature solid brass and stainless steel components. They are the real deal, but aren’t made for speed. Mil-spec hardware on a Timbuk2 bag. Backing that up is Jet Black nylon with some leather. Think James Bond and a heavy metal rock star all sewn into one bag. It’s definitely bad ass. From the moment it arrived, I got nothing but compliments, so I can say that with confidence.

Genuine COBRA buckles on the Bad Ass Messenger from Timbuk2
Genuine COBRA buckles on the Bad Ass Messenger from Timbuk2

Inside, there’s a small tricot-lined pocket for your phone or glasses. Other interior pockets hold all the little bits and pieces we take with us every day. Pretty much all the usual pockets, for all the usual stuff. If you can’t get organized with this bad, you’re not getting organized, ever. As long as your laptop (MacBook) or tablet is 15″ or less, it will fit as well. Snug it all down with the slides on the COBRA buckles though, as the top flap doesn’t zip shut.

Bad Ass Messenger from Timbuk2
Quilted back on the Bad Ass Messenger from Timbuk2

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An ambidextrous strap and quick release buckle sports more black hardware, but puts it to good use. By mixing metal, plastic and velcro, this padded strap gets the job done, while continuing the theme. For NYC messenger style riding, there’s a cross-body strap, to keep the bag from upsetting your balance. Because Timbuk2 is a top choice for cyclists, they didn’t forget the blinky light strap either.

Without question, this bag looks the part, when it comes to being Bad Ass. Until I simplify my life, it will carry all my workday essentials. Basically, it does everything I expect from a messenger bag. And since it’s from Timbuk2, it maybe even does it a little better than expected. Except for the little strap on the back. Every other bag I’ve had for the last 15+ years has had a handle on top. When I leave for work, or leave work, I grab at nothing. It’s been weeks since I got this bag, and I haven’t been able to adjust. Yes, this is a minor thing. But it drives me nuts.

Other than the lack of a top strap or handle, the Bad Ass Messenger is a great bag for those that want a little extra stealth and style. Forget about needing to take advantage of Timbuk2’s lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. Clearly, they’ve got that covered. After pulling, tugging, and generally abusing all the stitching, it’s still solid. Its mix of leather and 420D nylon (plus mil-spec buckles) is as durable as can be. Overall, it qualifies as Bad Ass. Timbuk2.com


Special thanks to Timbuk2 for providing their Bad Ass Messenger on short notice. We wanted to review something extra cool for the holidays, and this nailed it.

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