Take some weight off your back with Ribz

For anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors with a backpack on, the Ribz front pack is sure to be of interest. Even if you don’t wear a backpack, it’s a handy way to carry stuff. Nothing beats it for quick access to snacks and gear either. Because the Ribz front pack not only gives you extra storage, but moves weight up front, to improve balance.

Let me should point out that this isn’t our first Ribz review, but it’s the first time I get to review one. Each time that we got one in, it was snatched up by another contributor. Now that I have my own, I can share my thoughts on what is really an indispensable piece of gear. This review is based on using it with a camera backpack, it works just as well with camping gear, or a hydration pack.

Ribz front pack
Ribz front pack. Image courtesy of Ribzwear

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Made up of durable Cordura, Each Ribz front pack is almost like a pair of mini backpacks. Well, front packs. Down the middle is a heavy duty zipper. Straps cross the back in an “X”. Large back pockets have two open-top mesh enclosures, and are both wide and deep. Smaller front pockets are better for flat items. My 6 inch phone was a good fit.  Quality stitching and glove-friendly zipper pulls are on all the pockets.

Thanks to clever design, and some sliding adjusters, setting up the Ribz front pack is easy. I got the basic adjustments done while it was empty, contrary to the directions suggesting that you pre-pack it first. Setting it up really is an easy task. From there, I threw in my polarizer and variable neutral density filters. As fragile as $100+ circular pieces of glass are expected to be, they are indispensable for landscape photos. Behind them went my cleaning kit, which includes a blower brush, solution, and three kinds of cloths.

Ribz front pack
Ribz front pack. Pocket dump.

For the other back pocket, I packed a few snack items, and two spare batteries. With the weather as cold as it’s been, batteries don’t last long. Finally, my phone and a Lindy micro to mini USB cable went into the other front pocket. Instead of WiFi, the Lindy cable lets me connect my phone to my camera, for advanced exposure options. It also speeds up image transfer, so I can share photos taken with my DSLR anywhere I have a signal.

Whether I’m wearing my backpack or not, the most important gear (other than my camera) is right at hand. When I take off my pack, the Ribz front pack stays on. I can work out of it, and unless I need to swap lenses, the rest of my gear stays in the backpack. No more taking off my backpack just to get a filter or battery. At $64.95, the Ribz front pack may have been designed with camping and hunting in mind, but it’s an excellent piece of photo gear as well. Ribzwear.com


I’d like to thank Ribzwear for providing another pack for our review. Every time I head outdoors, either cycling, hiking, or taking photos, I find another use for it.



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