EDC with the SOG Ultra C-Ti

If you’re looking for a high quality every day carry knife that’s light enough to go unnoticed, look no further than the SOG Ultra C-Ti. At only 1.3 ounces, I sometimes forget it’s clipped to my pocket. But when I need to cut something, the VG-10 stainless blade is all business.

SOG Ultra C-Ti
SOG Ultra C-Ti

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So how does the Ultra C-Ti manage to be so light? Well, the name gives a couple clues. First, the C references the carbon fiber that makes up the handle. Next, the Ti is for the titanium clip. SOG also removed as much metal as they could from that VG-10 stainless blade, leaving just 2.8 inches of razor sharp steel. Closed, this little knife is a mere 3.4 inches long, and works great as a money clip. Open, it’s a a scalpel, disguised as a pocket knife.

This is my first experience with VG-10, and it’s a steel I’m happy to get to know. Made in Japan, it’s popular with cutlery. But not your typical kitchen knives. Think about that blade your sushi chef uses to thinly slice raw fish. Yeah, it’s that stuff. With a Rockwell hardness of 59-60, it may take a little extra work to sharpen. But the payoff is an edge that stays sharp, and doesn’t mind a bit of precision work. Don’t slip with this one, or you’ll end up with regrets. And a scar.

SOG Ultra C-Ti
SOG Ultra C-Ti

For those that want a compliment every time they take out their knife, the Ultra C-Ti is a great choice. Because that’s what happened every time I used it. Part of that is due to the strong visuals. Woven carbon fiber is always eye-catching. Throw in some cutouts to reduce weight even more, then hold it together with black hardware. Plus, both the blade and the titanium clip have the same bead blasted finish. It’s a good look. Instead of a thumb stud, the blade has a long slot, which assists in opening. Better control is maintained with the aggressive jimping on the spine too. And a low profile Arc-Lock keeps it from opening unintentionally, and makes closing a simple task.

Don’t get me wrong though, the Ultra C-Ti is more than a pretty face. Just because you can’t use it for prying open a safe, or chopping down trees, doesn’t mean it’s not a serious tool. At our office, we had a discussion about knives, and what is considered “socially acceptable”. Some of my favorites are a bit intimidating, which is fine in the right place and time. But not at work. And that’s where the Ultra C-Ti shines. It isn’t likely to make anyone uncomfortable, yet holds its own as a defensive weapon. More importantly, it handled every cutting task I could throw at it. With ease.

If you need a tough knife for camping, this probably isn’t it. But if you need a lightweight, unobtrusive knife that could probably perform surgery in a pinch, this might be what you’re looking for. MSRP is only $134, which is great for the quality. Check it out at SOGknives.com.


I’d like to thank SOG for providing their Ultra C-Ti for this review. It mixes their Arc-Lock technology with popular materials to make a no-nonsense knife that anyone should be proud to carry.

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