Have warm, cozy feet with Freewaters this winter

Just in time for the winter season, Freewaters is offering their Nia (for her) and Walden (for him) house slippers. If you like the comfort of Freewaters sandals, you’ll want to check these out. Don’t be fooled by the name  though. Unless there is snow on the ground, or it’s raining, you could wear these outside. During the last couple weeks of the year, I’m a bit tempted to wear them at work.

Freewaters Nia and Walden house slippers
Freewaters Nia and Walden house slippers

Comfort comes from a cotton footbed topped with an EVA midsole. Providing more arch support than your typical slipper,  you can rock these all day. Looking slightly fuzzy, the felted polyester upper has faux fur for the Nia, and a quilted lining for the Walden. A grippy outsole makes the carpet to tile/wood floors drama-free. Thanks to the carefully selected materials, they’re vegan too.

Freewaters Nia
Freewaters Nia

Since they’re house slippers, and not shoes, they don’t quite follow shoe sizing. For women, the Nia comes in S (6-7) M (7.5-8.5) L (9-10). Men’s sizes are S (8-9) M (9.5-10.5) L (11-12) XL (12.5-13.5).  As I wear a 12, I had to choose between snug, or roomy. I went with the extra room, in case I want to wear some loud socks with them. Choose wisely on the size, and even then, expect a short adjustment period. Color choices are charcoal or olive for the Walden, and heather grey and purple for the Nia.

Freewaters Walden
Freewaters Walden

Find them on Amazon!

Other than the fact that they can feel a bit big (mostly when I am navigating stairs) the fit is nice. Just as important, they are warm without making your foot all damp and sweaty. We have wood floors, which are pretty much cold all winter. So we appreciate footwear that cuts the chill, but slips on and off. Pet owners note: we’ve both avoided losing any to the dogs, but cat hair sticks like glue. To get yours either visit Freewaters.com, or check out your local REI. MSRP for both is $40.


We’d like to thank Freewaters for providing the Nia and Walden for our review. This time of year, they’ll get tested thoroughly, and daily.


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