Tomac gets geeky with a different Armstrong

Tomac Launches New Site

Just in time for the Interbike Trade Show, Tomac has launched an entirely new website. Designed to be more user-friendly and also visually more appealing, the site uses state of the art web design to drive traffic to the site.

When choosing an agency to develop the site, Tomac looked north to Patent Pending Ideas, a Whistler B.C. company with deep roots in mountain biking.  “We are based right in Whistler, and we can see the bike park from our windows, so getting out for a mid-day ride is standard practice around here,” says Chris Armstrong, project manager at Patent Pending Ideas.

“We wanted to make something special for Tomac,” continues Armstrong. “Tomac already had a great foundation to work with, so the rest of the changes and additions where quite simple to do.  We moved away from a flash based website into a web 2.0 CSS styled site that loads faster, is completely index-able by the search engines and will be much easier to make changes to moving forward.”

“Getting a greater understanding of the Tomac customer was a driving factor for the changes.“ says Tomac owner Joel Smith. “The site is everything we wanted and was half the work for me. Chris knows bikes and knows web sites, so he just took the ball and ran with it. I told him we wanted a new site, and a few weeks later it was completed, simple as that.”

The next step with the site is launching multi-language micro sites for our European customers. “We had a great dealer network established in Europe and making our content available to them in their native language is a top priority,” says Smith.

For additional information, contact Chris Armstrong, Patent Pending Ideas,, 604.905.6485 or Joel Smith, Tomac Bikes,, 402-261-3988.

Tomac Bikes is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Tomac Bikes strives for high performance, innovation, and superior products.

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