Volquartsen introduces the A-10 Ambidextrous Thumbhole Stock

Yes, I frequently make jokes about left-handed shooters. But the folks at Volquartsen are much kinder than me. They not only tolerate these wrong-handed shooters, but even cater to them. Their new A-10 Ambidextrous Thumbhole Stock is a perfect example. It’s designed for normal shooters, as well as southpaws. Lefties no longer have to be left out (see what I did there?)

In all seriousness, this is a pretty sweet laminate stock, available in five colors, and designed for the .920″ barrel profile. Here’s their short and sweet press release:

There’s something special about taking the family to the range. It can however, have its challenges using a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to choosing the proper firearm. Many times we will make concessions trying to find something that works for everybody. It seems the stock is often what is compromised due to having a left-handed shooter in the family. There are a lot of ambi stocks out there to fill this void but that usually comes with giving up certain features such as a thumbhole option.

Volquartsen A-10 Ambidextrous Thumbhole Stock
Volquartsen A-10 Ambidextrous Thumbhole Stock

We are excited to release our first ambidextrous thumbhole stock designed for our 22 LR actions or for the Ruger® 10/22™. The barrel channel is machined to accept .920″ bull barrels. Our A-10 stocks are CNC machined and hand fit, just like all of our laminated wood stocks. Available in 5 color options.

Order yours today!

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