We The People Holsters for the Smith & Wesson Shield

I’ve been using a We The People Holsters 2nd Amendment Tribute holster for my S&W Shield 9mm the past few weeks. The Shield itself has been my faithful companion for several years now. It’s got the size, capacity, and accuracy I require to feel confident in it as an EDC. Truth is, I’d gotten a bit lazy and pocket carried an LCP Max when it first came out. Mostly because I hardly went anywhere besides the range, or to visit family. But I am back to the Shield, and wanted to try out a newer, adjustable holster. We The People provided their IWB kydex holster, and I selected the 2nd Amendment graphics, which I find very appropriate while still being understated.

Who is (or are) We The People?

No, not us Americans mentioned in the United States Constitution (specifically, the 2nd Amendment). We know who we are. We The People Holsters is made up of “gun nerds, ¬†holster nerds , kydex nerds and most of all fun loving Americans”. You know, the kind of people we like to hang out with. Shoot guns, drink beer, and eat craft jerky bacon (they offer that too). Makers of quality holsters for military, law enforcement, and every day people like you me who recognize our right to own and carry firearms.

Made in America. Each We The People holster has a 12 month, no-questions asked return policy. Do you need to know more? Because that’s enough for me. Just in case you need more, their holsters are offered for all popular and less-popular carry arms today. They have options for IWB, OWB, and for right or wrong (left-handed) shooters. If you can’t find a holster for your EDC, it might be time to swap that Colt Dragoon for something a little more modern.

Kydex, Kydex, Kydex

What’s light, strong, moldable, and can even be printed with graphics? And waterproof, rustproof, plus sweatproof? What doesn’t shrink or swell, and can be made without sharp edges for a comfortable fit? Kydex is all that and more. Which makes it ideal for holsters. A thin sheet just 0.08″ thick is robust enough for a holster, yet only adds about 3 ounces total to your carry weight. A smooth interior makes for easy draws, while the light exterior texture helps keep it in place. If you were to describe the perfect hard-use material for a holster, it would be Kydex.

Holster features

Some cranky old guy (crankier, and older than me) is going to say that Kydex holsters are “Just a bent piece of plastic”. Sure. Except the clip sports multiple mounting holes for adjustable cant (fore/aft tilt) and ride height (deep/not as deep).¬† There are eight separate positions available. And it’s very precisely molded to each model of firearm, for a good fit. A single screw provides adjustable retention, and can be thread-locked, once you find that “Just right” setting.

Two screws, 8 positions - the We The People Holsters 2nd Amendment Tribute holster for the S&W Shield
Two screws, 8 positions – the We The People Holsters 2nd Amendment Tribute holster for the S&W Shield

Then there are the features which Kydex can offer that leather or soft nylon can’t, or can’t do as well. At the top of the list is the audible holstering. Not quite a “click”, but you can hear and feel it going into place when holstering. Plus, an undercut trigger guard allows for a full grip when drawing. There’s a high sweat guard on top, and it’s open at the muzzle end. Compared to softer materials, it’s just easier to add this functionality in a rigid holster. The graphics are just a bit of a bonus. Plain black, carbon fiber, and plenty of other graphic options are also available.

Individualized carry

Turns out, I like that 25 degree low grip best. My old holster had no adjustment for cant and height, and I just tolerated that. Not any more. Two minutes of adjusting, and I’m all set. When it’s time to draw, the holster is right up against my belt, and stays in place. Now I have a little more comfort, but better presentation. I’ll never be Jerry Miculek fast or smooth, but I’m confident in my draw. All while keeping a low profile that doesn’t print. Of course, where I live, even if it did print, no one would likely notice. And they certainly wouldn’t care. Have a look at the photo below though. My phone prints more than my Shield does.

My We The People Holsters 2nd Amendment Tribute holster for the S&W Shield does not print much most of the time
My We The People Holsters 2nd Amendment Tribute holster for the S&W Shield does not print much most of the time

In at least three and a half years of carrying my Shield in a Kydex holster, it has never once slipped out. Since this We The People holster has a more precise fit, I expect that to continue. I’m also not worried about someone grabbing it. My typical carry location is somewhere between strong side hip, and behind the hip. If I had to describe it, I would call it “As natural as reaching for my wallet”. Being a bigger, cheeseburger-eating American, a compact 9mm hides well back there. Note in the photo below, I am not using a We The People belt. That’s to demonstrate that it works great with lighter belts designed for concealed carry as well.

This belt is stiffer than it looks, but it's not the one from We The People Holsters
This belt is stiffer than it looks, but it’s not the one from We The People Holsters

Let’s talk accessories for a minute

Does the standard 1.5 inch belt clip not work for you? $5 gets you one designed for 1.75 inch belts. Thinking about carrying a spare mag on your support side? They’ve got dedicated and universal $26 mag carriers too. Did you forget to thread-lock your hardware? No worries, a replacement kit is only $5. How about a holster claw for maximum concealment, only $18? If you don’t already have a quality gun belt, they have one without a buckle, and their tactical belt with a Talon buckle. Which I’ll be doing a review on in the future.

Remember that “fun loving Americans” comment? Yeah, they have dump trays, and can coolers. Plus tumblers for hot or cold drinks. Speaking of hot, their latest product is tactical leggings. This hot new product provides women the comfort of “yoga pants” with the ability to still carry. Smart thinking. Visiting their site, you’ll also find a great selection of hats, hoodies and shirts. Even phone cases so your phone can match your EDC. Finally, they offer bacon jerky. This is a company that clearly knows their market. So don’t just click through and order a holster. Or you’ll be missing out.

Wrapping it all up

When I first got my Shield, I grabbed a perfectly functional Kydex holster, and it was “good enough”. I had to touch up some sharp edges with sandpaper, but it was mostly okay. My new We The People Holster 2nd Amendment Tribute holster is much better. The fit and finish reflects the care that went into the design. No rough or sharp edges. More adjustability, which for me means more comfort and better presentation. I can continue to carry with confidence not just in my preferred carry piece, but in the holster as well. And a reminder printed right on it, of one of the most important parts of the Constitution. Not a bad deal at $49. Find yours at WeThePeopleHolsters.com

I’d like to thank We The People Holsters for providing their holster for my ongoing testing and evaluation. They also included their tactical gun belt with Talon buckle, a hat, and some bacon. So look for future reviews of them as well. Especially that belt. I’ve tested a few already, but really like this one.

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