Alangator DuoMag™10/22 Magazine Coupler

When it comes to accessories for a 10/22, few things are a better value than the Alangator DuoMag™ magazine coupler. And I don’t think that there are any that are easier to install. This simple coupler enables two standard BX-1 ten round magazines to be linked together at the base. The result is twenty rounds available in a compact-sized package.

What is it?

The DuoMag™consists of a nylon body with an aluminum screw. Weighing only .44 ounces, it adds only the smallest amount of weight to your 10/22. While it does couple two magazines together, that extra weight is just forward of the trigger, and shouldn’t affect balance.

Alangator DuoMag™10/22 Magazine Coupler
Alangator DuoMag™10/22 Magazine Coupler

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If you’ve got a pair of BX-1 magazines, wide flat-blade screwdriver, and about 30 seconds, you can install this. It’s as easy as facing both magazines up, sliding the DuoMag™between them, and tightening the screw. Just be sure not to over-tighten. That’s it.


I tried the DuoMag™with 7 different 10/22 variants. That included a factory polymer stock, a Magpul Backpacker*, Fab Defense UAS, and Hogue Overmold. I also tried it with a Crazy Ivan Comp Lite, PMACA takedown, and Enoch Industries Deep Six chassis. No fitment issues. Alangator indicates that it works with the Ruger Precision Rimfire as well, but I didn’t have one on hand to test. Basically, if a BX-1 fits, this should fit.


Loading the magazine is the same as usual. Just flip it over to load the other side. I found them to be as easy to insert into the magwell as a standard 10 round. Perhaps even a bit easier. And with a little practice, “flip” reloads were fast. It fits close to some magazine releases, but does not interfere. Also, there were no unusual failure to feed or eject issues. When shooting outdoors, I would usually have to keep extra loaded mags and then empties in my pockets. These make it a little easier, as I am not digging out the 10 round magazines. And I only have to reload half as often.


There are so many advantages to this, I’m not sure where to start. Double the capacity with minimal size is the first. In the image below, you can see a BX-25, BX-15, BX-1, and a coupled pair of BX-1s. It’s giving you 80% of the capacity of the 25 round magazine, in about half the size. Or 1/3 more than the 15 round magazine, in a smaller form factor. Even less space, when you consider it doesn’t hang down as far. More importantly, neither of those is as reliable as the BX-1. I spend a lot of time on forums, and there seems to be plenty of users with magazine issues. Their BX-1 works fine, but the 15 and 25 round magazines have issues. If you can deal with flipping your magazine after ten rounds, this is a great solution.

Alangator DuoMag™10/22 Magazine Coupler
DuoMag™installed with Ruger BX magazines for comparison

At a proper range, it won’t hit the bench, it won’t hit your rest, and it will make magazine changes easier and faster. If you happen to have a particularly snug magwell, this will make magazine extraction a no-brainer. For anyone familiar with a magwell grip on an AR, this is a welcome addition. I especially like it on my Chargers.

I’m not aware of which states are silly enough to ban “high capacity” .22 rimfire magazines. But if you live in one, here’s a legal way to have 20 rounds handy. Want to quickly switch from hollow points to round nose? Supersonic to subsonic? Whatever your choice, you can have two different ammo options at the ready. Heck, if you’re tired of hunting for magazines in the bottom of your range bag, this doubles the odds of finding them. And it’s easily removable when it comes time to service your magazines.


With an MSRP of just $9.95, the DuoMag™makes my list of favorite 10/22 accessories, regardless of cost. While I also like magazine bumpers, such as the Companion, from TandemKross, this provides a bigger handrest, and double capacity. Since I’ve mentioned TandemKross, I should point out that they offer the Alangator TriMag™coupler at a very competitive price. Keep that in mind, should you decide that a three-way would be even better. Whichever you choose, it’s going to be a cost-effective way to have some extra capacity handy. And note that “Alangator LLC takes considerable pride in the fact that all of our products are made in the USA by US military veterans.”

*Although the DuoMag™does work with the Magpul Backpacker stock, it does not clear a .920 barrel when taken down. A standard taper barrel may fit, but I don’t have one to test.

The DuoMag™couplers used in this review were purchased by me, at full retail. The manufacturer, Alangator, had no input in this review. If you‘d like more info on their products, head over to Find it on Amazon as well.

Comments? Questions? Have any of our readers tried out the DuoMag™or TriMag™? Feel free to share below.

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