Ruger Accurate Folder From CRKT

Ruger Accurate Folder From CRKT

If you’re looking for a modern folder with old-school touches, check out the Accurate™Folder from CRKT. It’s from their Ruger collection, and was designed by Bill Harsey, of Creswell, Oregon. Bill is one of those guys that values function over form, but still has an eye for smart design. While the Accurate™is a solid knife, … Read more

Work Sharp Knife Sharpeners

Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System

Work Sharp knife sharpeners make it easier for anyone to get a razor sharp edge on their favorite blade. With all the knife reviews we’ve done, it only made sense that we’d reach out to them. For this review, we’re going to cover the Guided Sharpening System, and the companion Guided Field Sharpener. The former … Read more

Morakniv Kansbol Multi-Mount

Morakniv Kansbol

The Morakniv Kansbol is a great all-around knife. It does an impressive job of balancing form and function, tradition and modernity, and quality and affordability. It passes the Mick Dundee test (big enough to get you in trouble for open carrying it in some states), but probably isn‘t quite big enough to be a serious … Read more

White River Knife’s Unique Survival Sheath

White River Knife & Tool, Coopersville, MI, December 2017 –  New for 2018 comes White River’s special survival sheath. Earlier Firecraft survival knives were sold with leather sheaths–this new heavy-duty Kydex sheath changes that! John Cammenga, president of White river says–“We wanted a sheath that complements the utility style of our Firecraft series survival knives. After … Read more