Clean Bottle At Outdoor Retailer

It’s never going to let up! Ever since Dave Mayer (not to be confused with Oscar Meyer, who also has an impressive promotional vehicle – the Wienermobile) of Clean Bottle fame dressed himself up as a Clean Bottle and ran alongside racers at the Tour de France, business has been booming. While the custom made Bottle Boy suit may have been a clever promotional idea, the Clean Bottle itself is no gimmick. You don’t gain sales just by dressing up all silly-like.

I was tempted to stop by the booth and say hello, but the action there was so fierce, there was no need to ask how sales were doing – they’re obviously still strong. If you’re looking for a bottle that performs well, and is easy to clean, you might want to check out Dave’s site – for more info. Not only is the site informative, but he’s got an amusing blog, there’s a place to vote for your favorite charity, and it seems like he’s always doing some sort of giveaway. For the latest contest, someone scored a free (yes, FREE!) Wilier bicycle, while others won Fizik saddles, Scott running shoes, (no doubt endorsed by Bottle Boy) Headsweats gear, NBA tickets or memorabilia, and yes, some Clean Bottles. Go Dave!

– Brian


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