CitraWipes, the portable hand cleaner

Between my bikes, the neighbor’s kids bikes, and tacos from El Azteca, I’m always getting my hands into something greasy. And then I go clean my greasy mitts in my wife’s shiny kitchen sink, which is just asking for trouble. So I got a few samples of these things to test. I realize that they … Read more

Cannondale recall

As a Cannondale owner, I’m a bit disappointed to report the following recall as my first post here in the road bike news section: Cannondale and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission are recalling 2007 road bikes made from aluminum and carbon, or all carbon fiber. According to Cannondale the bicycle‘s front brake can fail … Read more

It’s about time

Welcome! Today is the unofficial launch date of My goal is to bring you thought-provoking and entertaining content from within the cycling industry, as well as the people we work and ride with every day. Expect to see interviews, product reviews, and comments about the cycling industry in general. If there’s a product you’d … Read more