Sauer Introduces SL5 Waterfowl Shotgun

Whether you fancy duck, turkey, or some other waterfowl, these Sauer shotguns will get the job done. Crafted in Italy, they’re built for the worst weather conditions, season after season. With the announcement so close to the holiday season, I bet a few of them will end up under the tree. I’ll take the black synthetic one, if anybody’s wondering.  – Brian


San Antonio, Texas (October 19, 2022) -J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Germany‘s oldest manufacturer of hunting firearms, is pleased to introduce the new line of SL5 Waterfowl shotguns.  Available in three models -Fred Bear Old School Camo, Fred Bear Old School Camo stock and forearm with brown Cerakote barrel and action, and Black Synthetic -these 12-gauge, semi-auto shotguns are rugged, reliable, and accurate in the most extreme hunting conditions. All are available in 3.5” models, which can accommodate 2 ¾”, 3” or 3.5” shotshells. Capacity is 3+1. The Black Synthetic model is also available in a 3” chambering.

Sauer SL5 Waterfowl Shotgun, Black Synthetic
Sauer SL5 Waterfowl Shotgun, Black Synthetic

Inertia-driven like the SL5 Turkey gun, the smooth-cycling SL5 Waterfowl shotgun requires fewer parts than a gas-driven gun and minimal cleaning -ideal traits for a duck and goose gun that is exposed to the elements. All SL5 3.5” models have an oversized extended bolt handle and release button making it easy to work with gloves on in frigid temperatures and are available in three barrel lengths -26-inch, 28-inch, or 30-inch. The barrels are chrome lined with a stepped rib for precise alignment. The receiver is made with a steel upper for strength and durability, and the lower is aluminum for improved balance and reduced weight.

Sauer SL5 Waterfowl Shotgun, Full Old School Camo
Sauer SL5 Waterfowl Shotgun, Full Old School Camo

“We are excited to introduce these new, high-performance SL5 Waterfowl shotguns,” said Jason Evans, CEO, Blaser Group. “They are designed to withstand the brutal elements waterfowl hunters experience throughout the season, year after year, and the Fred Bear Old School Camo pattern is a true classic that is popular with many hunters of all ages. We‘ve had a lot of requests for this pattern and are happy to finally meet the demand.”

Sauer SL5 Waterfowl Shotgun, Fred Bear Old School Camo With Brown Cerakote
Sauer SL5 Waterfowl Shotgun, Fred Bear Old School Camo With Brown Cerakote

All SL5 Waterfowl shotguns feature sling attachments, a Cervellati recoil pad, rubber comb, and a red single-bead LPA front fiber-optic sight for fast and accurate target acquisition.

Made in Italy and backed by a 10-year factory warranty, the SL5 Waterfowl shotguns weigh 7.5 lbs and come standard with five Benelli Crio Plus-style extended choke tubes -Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified, and Full.


Black Synthetic                                                                  $1,579.00

Fred Bear Old School Camo                                             $1,679.00

Fred Bear Old School Camo / Brown Cerakote                $1,779.00

For more information on the SL5 Waterfowl shotguns, visit:

About Blaser Group                

The Blaser Group is the official U.S. importer for iconic German firearms brands Blaser, Mauser and J.P. Sauer; English gunmaker John Rigby & Co.; Minox optics and Liemke Thermal Optics. Established in 2006, the company which is based in San Antonio, Texas works with distributors, wholesalers, and over 200 authorized Blaser Group dealers across all North American states, with this figure continually growing. Today the Blaser Group‘s industry-leading product portfolio includes bolt-action, combination rifles and over-and-under shotguns designed specifically for game hunters and competitive target shooters. Its custom shop offers exclusive engravings, design work and custom finishing for bespoke guns. With recent innovations, Blaser Group has gone on to expand its product portfolio into cutting-edge optics and accessory lines. For more information about the company and product lines, visit:

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