TandemKross Manticore Trigger Assembly Drops Today, 10/22!

They’ve teased us. They’ve dropped hints. And now it’s finally here. The Manticore Trigger Assembly from TandemKross! It’s been in development for a while, but the folks at TandemKross waited until October 22nd, “10/22” to release their new latest (and greatest?) accessory for the Ruger 10/22 pattern firearms. I’ve been given a few peeks here and there. and been admonished not to let out a word. Which has been very difficult, because this trigger is pretty sweet! They basically started with a clean slate and came up with a completely new trigger assembly. Every aspect of the fire control unit has been upgraded and improved.

Manticore Trigger Assembly features

There’s a lot going on here, starting with a completely new, precisely machined aluminum housing. Note that the trigger guard is oversized, for big hands and/or gloves. There’s even an index point for resting your trigger finger while waiting for the timer to go off. Inside, it’s got their Ultimate Trigger Kit. As expected, the pull weight and travel are both adjustable. But that’s just the start. Their new Fireswitch Extended Magazine Release is already installed as well. Plus the Bolt Keeper Extended Bolt Release. And their new Cornerstone Rotary Safety, which functions more like the safety found on a modern sporting rifle. I’ll break it all out below, because that’s a lot of options.

New TandemKross Manticore Trigger Assembly, right side view.
New TandemKross Manticore Trigger Assembly, right side view.

TandemKross Ultimate Trigger Kit

By itself, the TandemKross Ultimate Trigger Kit was one of the best values in trigger upgrades. It was designed for very little pre-travel, along with adjustable over-travel. The kit was comprised of a new hammer, sear, a Victory trigger, and an extra spring not found in the standard OEM trigger group. TandemKross also includes a tiny allen wrench, to adjust the over-travel pin on the trigger. In the TandemKross Manticore Trigger Assembly, it’s got the same minimal take-up, with a crisp break adjustable down to as low as about two pounds. For competitions that don’t allow triggers that low, or for field use where you may want something a bit heavier, they’ve got you covered. It should go all the way up to 5-6 pounds. Either way, the option is yours, and it’s easy to set.

Fireswitch Extended Magazine Release

I’ve actually been testing one of these for a short time, and in certain applications, they are just spectacular. Nearly everyone upgrades their magazine release. Heck, even Ruger did, ages ago. They switched from a flat button that was difficult to engage, to the little nub that hangs down on their current models. And that design works fine. Unless you’re competing. Or wearing gloves. Or worse, pull it back instead of pushing it forward. Because despite our muscle memory, we sometimes forget under pressure. A solution would be one that worked whether you pushed or pulled. And make it big enough that it’s easy to use, but not so big that it gets bumped unintentionally. Of course, offer it in black or red.

Yes, that’s exactly what TandemKross did. They created the Fireswitch Extended Magazine Release, which has a nicely-sized and textured “paddle”. And it works equally well, whether pushed or pulled. Quick magazine changes are critical in some competitions, and just as welcome during a weekend plinking session. So throwing one in the TandemKross Manticore Trigger Assembly makes perfect sense. I’d be comfortable saying that “it has to be in there”.

Bolt Keeper Extended Bolt Lock

A common upgrade for the 10/22is an auto bolt release. Because the factory one takes three hands to engage and disengage. At least, that’s how the joke goes. So the Bolt Keeper takes the auto bolt release one more logical step forward. Instead of the thin blade we are used to, there’s a round knob. This makes it even easier to engage, and releasing the bolt is still just a matter of pulling back and letting it go forward. Speed and ease.

New TandemKross Manticore Trigger Assembly, left side view.
New TandemKross Manticore Trigger Assembly, left side view.

Cornerstone Rotary Safety

Visually, the Cornerstone is similar in design to its namesake for the Ruger Mark IV 22/45. Rather than the OEM pushbutton safety of the 10/22, this one is more like a rotary toggle/switch (see above). In the horizontal position, it’s on safe. Switched to vertical, safety is off. As someone who has spent a good deal of time with modern sporting rifles, and other firearms with similar safeties, I like this. Yet I also think it may be one of the most polarizing features of the TandemKross Manticore Trigger Assembly. While no safety will ever be a replacement for following the four rules of gun safety, the new Cornerstone Rotary Safety is an improvement over the OEM button. And TandemKross has plans to make this option available for installation into OEM trigger housings as well.

Color options

At the time of its release, the TandemKross Manticore Trigger Assembly will be available with a black anodized housing. And the trigger, magazine release, bolt keeper and safety will all be available in black or red. Expect a small surcharge for the red upgrade.


Yes, I buried this down in the article, as I wanted to cover all the new features and improvements first. TandemKross will be offering the Manticore Trigger Assembly for $374.99. If you happen to be reading this on 10/22, keep in mind that they are offering an introductory price, of $349.99, today only.


Today would have been a good day, no matter what. It’s a Saturday, which for me means a morning of shooting and an afternoon of tacos. I’m easy to please. But to see that TandemKross has released a new trigger assembly, engineered from the ground up, is pretty exciting. It checks all the boxes I would want if I had the means and know-how to design my own: All aluminum housing, adjustable for travel and pull weight. Extended dual action magazine release along with an extended bolt lock/release that also adds auto bolt release function. That they topped it off with a cool rotary safety just shows they’re thinking outside the box in a big way. I can’t wait to try one out. Manticore Trigger Assembly on the TandemKross website.

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