Bullseye Grips – Custom G10 Thumbrest Grips

Bullseye Grips may not be a household name, but if you have a Ruger 22/45 (MK III or MK IV), or S&W Victory, you might want to familiarize yourself with the brand. It’s the source for standard and thumbrest grips for these pistols, as well as 1911 models. Bullseye Grips offers G10 grips with or without a thumbrest, in different colors, and even has some left-hand models. Yes, there are custom grips for wrong-handed shooters. Who knew?

Bullseye Grips Blue/Black G10 Thumbrest Grips for the Ruger MK IV 22/45
Bullseye Grips Blue/Black G10 Thumbrest Grips for the Ruger MK IV 22/45

Bullseye Grips, company history

Like some of the best companies for rimfire enthusiasts, it’s a one-man operation. And the owner, Andy Shinosky, has a great story. You can read the whole thing here, but I’ll give you the highlights. For pretty much no reason at all, he built himself a CNC router. And then an unnamed friend whom shooters everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to asked him to make some thumbrest grips. With input from this competitive shooter, the first set of Bullseye Grips were created. Fast forward a few years, and Andy’s got a tidy little business on Etsy.  Until he didn’t.

Some readers may recall that in 2020, a record number of Americans became new firearms owners. More likely than not, for personal protection. Yet in May of this year, Etsy declared: “As of May 25, 2021, we will no longer accommodate any gun parts or accessories that attach to a firearm. We take protecting our marketplace very seriously and work hard to balance the enforcement of our policies with the unique variety of handmade items our sellers contribute to the marketplace.” Just like that, Andy had to find a new platform for his products, which are aimed squarely at target and competition shooters. So he’s got his own website, and no longer has to give a cut of his profits to a company that doesn’t support the Constitution.

Bullseye Grips Red G10 Thumbrest Grips for the S&W VSW22 Victory
Bullseye Grips Red G10 Thumbrest Grips for the S&W VSW22 Victory

The grips

Bullseye Grips are made from G10. This is the strongest of all fiberglass laminates. It’s made up of layers of glass cloth and an epoxy resin, cured with heat while under compression. Think of it as carbon fiber’s heavier, less brittle cousin. Like any good composite, it’s also available in a wide range of colors. Durable and highly stable, it can be machined and shaped easily (with the right tools). In other words, it’s just about the perfect material for pistol grips.

Andy takes sheets of this material, and machines grips from it. Current models include the Ruger 22/45 (MK III or MK IV only), S&W Victory, and the classic 1911. Options include a standard grip with a bit of curve to fill the palm, or his thumbrest grips. Of course, the latter is the hot ticket, as finding an affordable set of thumbrest grips has not been easy. The fact that he’s got a lefty version, and colors to choose from, is all just icing on your target and competition cake.

Bullseye Grips Left Hand Blue G10 Thumbrest Grips for the S&W SW22 Victory
Bullseye Grips Left Hand Blue G10 Thumbrest Grips for the S&W SW22 Victory


While I’m hesitant to list prices, as they are always subject to change, I’ll share the current prices, which were valid as of our publication date. Although no south-paw options are offered for Ruger at this time, there’s no extra charge for a left-hand thumbrest on the other models. For 1911 models, they start at $54.95, going up to $79.95 for the thumbrest versions, either left or right-handed. S&W SW22 Victory grips are $69.95 for the standard grips, and $84.95 for those wanting a thumbrest. For the Rugers (22/45 MK III and MK IV), either model of standard grips are $54.95, and the thumbrest ones are $74.95.

Bullseye Grips Grey/Black G10 Thumbrest Grips for the 1911
Bullseye Grips Grey/Black G10 Thumbrest Grips for the 1911

Style and colors

Starburst and Golfball checkering are the most common options. There’s a few chevron patterns thrown in, and even an “Operator Style” for the 1911. Color options vary, but are mostly greys or black, with blue, red, camo, OD green, and “Zombie Green”, as well as “Acid Green”. Not all colors are available in all styles. Andy will accept suggestions for new colors, but one-offs are not possible due to the expense of the raw materials. So if you want pink or purple, best to join a forum and start a letter-writing campaign with other members.

Bullseye Grips OD Green G10 Thumbrest Grips for the Ruger MK IV 22/45
Bullseye Grips OD Green G10 Thumbrest Grips for the Ruger MK IV 22/45

Some FAQs from Bullseye Grips

The options are limited as Andy has chosen to focus on those models not already well-represented on the market. Specifically, his unique thumbrest grips. This represents an interesting conundrum. He wants to stick with guns that are popular enough to have a fan base for aftermarket grips, yet which aren’t already being made by someone else. It’s a tricky balance, but an appropriate business model as it keeps inventory manageable.

One thing I found interesting is that he doesn’t accept pre-orders. You can email him and he’ll let you know when an item should be available. But he prefers to keep his order-to-delivery time short. That means time spent making grips and shipping them out, not tracking pre-orders. And no international shipping, as tax rules make that cumbersome for him, and expensive for the buyers. These limitations are not ideal for some consumers, but they also make sense for a business run by a single individual.

I’ve seen some forum members comment on the quality of the grips, along with the fast (and free) shipping. Customer feedback on his site is positive as well. Being a one-man operation, he’s motivated to take good care of his customers. So if you like what you see, head over to BullseyeGrips.com, and pick out a pair.

Comments? Questions? Do any of our readers have Bullseye Grips, or tried them? Feel free to share below.

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