Dude Girl

When I first saw the name “Dude Girl“, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. So when I stopped to have a chat with Kim, the owner, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the origin of her clothing company’s name. Seems her grandmother was a cowgirl with a taste for adventure. (If you click … Read more

Detour Bars

The folks that do the marketing for Detour Bars were nice enough to send me a variety for review. They have different bars, based on the principle that we have varying nutritional needs according to the activity we’re engaged in. I tried their 50g Biker, Runner bars, and Core Strength bars. The first two each … Read more

The Cage Rocket – Nifty Storage Unit

Did I really use the word “nifty”? Yeah, I guess I did. But lacking a thesaurus, that was the best word I could come up with to describe the Cage Rocket. I ran into Will Stiles at the Cage Rocket booth at this year’s Interbike. I’d seen his product online, and was curious to check … Read more

Slime digital presta gauge

I received this in the mail not too long ago, and finally got around to testing it out. It’s a handy little unit, with a plastic silver finish accented by a hard rubber black gripping surface and a red rubber go button. The green lighted display was easy to read, and gives you the option … Read more

CitraWipes, the portable hand cleaner

Between my bikes, the neighbor’s kids bikes, and tacos from El Azteca, I’m always getting my hands into something greasy. And then I go clean my greasy mitts in my wife’s shiny kitchen sink, which is just asking for trouble. So I got a few samples of these things to test. I realize that they … Read more