WarBird Protection Launches Premium Hearing Protection Line

WarBird Protection's Intrepid BT from their new Premium Hearing Protection Line

Traverse City, MI  – WarBird Protection Group launches its cutting-edge INTREPID line of hearing protection products—lightweight, rugged, comfortable, feature-rich electronic ear muffs. Designed and developed to exceed expectations on the job site, shooting range, garden, or in the workshop, the Intrepid line of ear muffs provides the premium protection and hearing enhancement technology that professionals … Read more

Arken EP-8 1-8×28 LPVO FFP Illuminated KLBOX

Arken EP-8 1-8x28 LPVO FFP Illuminated KLBOX

As much as I like basic reflex sights and high magnification scopes, the Arken EP-8 1-8×28 LPVO FFP Illuminated KLBOX turned out to be a great option for my rifle. It’s useful for close quarters, with enough magnification to make solid hits at a distance. While the KLBOX reticle does take some getting used to, … Read more