Volquartsen’s New VT2 Takedown Rifle

Not gonna lie, I am really liking this new rifle. As a fan of rimfire, Volquartsen, and takedowns in general, this is looking like a winner to me. Below is their official release.

– Brian


We are excited to announce our new semi-auto 22 WMR/17 HMR VT2 Takedown Rifle is available to order.

Utilizing a unique button and lever combination, the VT2 breaks down with no tools, no twisting, and no tightening. The VT2 is easily stowed and backpack ready.

Simply depress the takedown button, release the locking lever by pulling down, and the barrel slides effortlessly out of the receiver. The rifle is then ready to be stowed, or the barrels can easily be swapped to switch between the 22 WMR and 17 HMR calibers.

For reassembly, simply slide the barrel back into the receiver and push the locking lever back up into position.

Like everything Volquartsen, accuracy and repeatability come standard. Our unique design and exacting tolerances combine to ensure that the point of impact remains fixed even after removing and reinstalling the barrel. No matter how it’s stored, the VT2 is built to be on target.

The VT2 is currently available in 22 WMR and 17 HMR calibers. This allows for the corresponding barrels to be swapped to immediately switch calibers.

VT2, 12"


  • Semi-automatic
  • TG2000 with 2.5 lb. trigger pull
  • 0 MOA integral Picatinny Rail
  • 16.5″ Lightweight Barrel
  • 6” and 12” handguard lengths
  • Magpul MOE-K Grip & MOE Milspec stock
  • M-LOK features on both handguards
  • Aluminum VT2 Takedown receiver
  • Aluminum 2” forward blow comp
  • Aluminum thread protector

Preview of: VT2 Takedown Rifle Overview

Download the product flyer or watch this video to learn more.

The VT2 Takedown Rifle is perfect for a hunting trips, stowed away with gear during an overlanding adventure, or tucked into a backpack for quick accessibility.

Whether you’re a hunter, overlander, or survivalist, the VT2 Takedown is ready for adventure!

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