Red Dot Adapter Mounts from Outer Impact

Outer Impact Red Dot Adapter (M.R.A.) for Ruger Mark series pistols on my TandemKross Kraken

When it comes to optic mounts, Outer Impact has you covered. Although they make several products, including sights, it’s their M.R.A. (Modular Red Dot Adapter) that I was most interested in. I recently purchased a Vortex Razor, and realized the included mount on a factory rail was just way too high for pistol use. So … Read more

Project Victory: Upgrading the SW22 from Smith and Wesson, Part 2

TandemKross Cornerstone Safety Thumb Ledge on the S&W Performance Center SW22 Victory

Welcome to the second installment of my Performance Center SW22 Victory project. In part 1, I went over the specs, and my plans for this pistol. It received a TandemKross halo Charging Ring, and their hiveBrid grips. And then I took it out shooting. I’m happy to report that it’s plenty accurate for my use, … Read more

Building the TandemKross Kraken

Assembled TandemKross Kraken aluminum lower for Ruger Mark IV 22/45 pistols

It was almost a week ago that TandemKross released their Kraken stripped lower for the Ruger Mark IV 22/45. I wrote about it here. Well, mine arrived today, and I had the day off. So after stripping one of my pistols, I spent about an hour reassembling the parts onto the Kraken lower. Here’s a … Read more

Pac-Lite IV Pistol Barrel from Tactical Solutions

6" Pac-Lite IV Pistol Barrel from Tactical Solutions shown with optional fiber optic front sight

My first Ruger MKIV currently sports a matte black Pac-Lite IV 6″ fluted barrel from Tactical Solutions. But that’s not how it left the factory. In my quest to get the least expensive base firearm, I started with the 5.5″ bull barrel. It shot very well, and I was quite happy with it. Until I … Read more