TandemKross Upriser Chassis Straight Stock Adapter Now Available

Fans of the Ruger PC Carbine just got another great upgrade in the TandemKross Upriser Chassis. Last week, they made it available with a straight stock adapter. The original version sports and angle adapter, which may have better ergonomics for some setups. But it also left many people suggesting that it looked “broken”. My preference for this carbine is a Vortex Spitfire, which sits a bit high. So I had been impatiently waiting for the straight adapter version. And it just arrived. Along with it, I got the Victory trigger, and Game Changer Pro 9mm compensator. As long as it’s apart, I’ll throw in their “Internals Combo” too. So this article will serve as a preview, with the full review coming in the next week or so.

Upriser Chassis with straight stock adapter

In the photo below, I’ve mocked up the assembly. No threadlocker has been used on the fasteners, and nothing has been torqued down yet. I just wanted to get it together for a quick photo, and to see how the stock worked with my chosen optic. Note that the stock is collapsed for photographic purposes only. I really do have long arms.

Initial swapping of the stock for the chassis took about twenty minutes. I expect it to take the same amount of time for the final assembly, which I will cover in detail in a future article. But it’s a straightforward process, requiring basic tools (most of which are included). I also elected to use a stock from TandemKross, since I didn’t have one available. That may change shortly. Suffice it to say, the stock provides a great cheek weld with my optic. And in my humble opinion, it looks much better too. So stay tuned for more photos and info.

TandemKross Upriser Chassis With Straight Stock Adapter
TandemKross Upriser Chassis With Straight Stock Adapter

Victory Trigger and Game Changer Pro 9mm compensator combo

Two simple and effective upgrades. The Victory trigger is their flat-faced model, available in either black or red. I’ve got similar ones on some of my 10/22 projects, and my 22/45 Mark IV pistols. It’s wide, flat, and while it doesn’t directly change the trigger pull weight, it changes the leverage, and gives a better feel.

The Game Changer Pro compensator is something I really look forward to testing. As someone who regularly shoots very large magnum revolvers (.460 and .500), I don’t usually think of 9mm as requiring a compensator. So I’m going to see if it really does help keep me on target. It certainly looks better than the factory thread protector.

TandemKross Game Changer Pro 9mm Compensator, Victory Trigger, and Internals Combo
TandemKross Game Changer Pro 9mm Compensator, Victory Trigger, and Internals Combo

Internals Combo

I’ve been fan of TandemKross parts for the 10/22 for a long time. I trust them to improve performance and reliability. So adding their Internals Combo to this little project was a no-brainer. As long as the action is out of the receiver, and partially apart for the trigger replacement, why not add these too?

In the combo is a 3-pack of the bolt release pins. There’s also a 3-pack of sear springs. And finally, a pair of the KrossPins that I use in all my 10/22 builds. These make disassembly and assembly easier, with less worry about pins falling out and rolling away.

Together, these parts should improve the look and feel of my Ruger PC Carbine. I expect that it will perform better too. As much as I would like to say they might increase reliability, my PC Carbine hasn’t had any issues to be begin with.

Over the weekend, I’ll complete the photos and then assembly with all the new parts. And of course I’ll get some range time in too. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to ask below. I’m pretty stoked to see how this turns out, as I’ve got a PC Charger on the way too. If you’re interested in any of these parts, or want to see what else TandemKross offers, check out their website. They’ve got a lot of performance parts for a wide range of firearms, and all are priced fairly, which is always appreciated.


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